Pendant Jewelry

My pendant jewelry incorporates wire wrapped moonstones or beach glass, most gathered from Carmel Beach, embellished with carefully chosen beads or other beach findings.

The Goddess and Buddha heads are molded from non-ceramic clays, many molded upon small shells, left from the spine of deceased Chiton, a marine mollusk shaped like half a cantaloupe and making a perfect substrate upon which to mold a lovely and etherial goddess visage.

I have collected these lovely, porcelain-like findings for years and have finally found a perfect use for them.


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Please Note: These Pieces sell rather quickly. I don’t always have time to remove them from my page and add new ones. I am always creating new pieces. If I don’t have the exact piece you see, I can send you photos of similar pieces or create one for you close to the one you like. Always keep in mind, no two are exactly the same.

Shipping to the Continental United States is FREE.

For Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and other locations please Contact Ali.


L 4.25in x W 2in $55.00


L 4in x W 2in $55.00


L 4in x W 2.2in $55.00


L 4in x W 2.2in $55.00


L 4.75in x W 2in $55.00


L 4in x W 2.5in $55.00


L 4.5in x W 2.5in $55.00

Little Purple Buddha

4.5inL x 2inW $55.00


5inL x 1.25inW $55.00


3.5inL x 2inW $55.00


4inL x 2.5inW $55.00


3.75inL x 2inW $55.00

Carmel Moon Stone

3inL x 2inW $55.00


5inL x 1.25inW $55.00

Blue Ice

3inL x 1.25inW $55.00


4.25inL x 1.75inW $55.00

Peach & Turquoise

3.5inL x 1.5inW $55.00