Privacy Policy

(Last Updated: April, 2021)

We do not solicit the collection of personal information but you should know by sending emails and clicking on certain links on this website, there are instances, your geographic location and website navigation will be recorded either by our server’s logs or as data by a the third party service we use.

Changes to This Policy:

This policy may be updated from time to time. If changes are made to the policy, we will change the “last updated” date above. If there are material changes to this policy affecting the use of your information in our records you will be notified directly.

If you have concerns we encourage you to check this privacy policy regularly and the privacy policy of services used by to understand how your personal data could be used.

Information Collected:

server logs show the IP numbers of everyone who views this website, and records all activity on our mail server. This includes email addresses and the IP number associated with the domain name where these emails originate.

This information is only accessible to the employees of Stormer Hosting, Ali Miner and the service we work with for website development, implementation and maintenance. You may contact Stormer Hosting directly at 1 (980) 428-6673 / or Ali Miner at 1 (831) 277-0342

From this website you may be able to link to other websites that provide features we use for our online presentation, each one with their own privacy policy. These services may record statistics such as the number of viewers who have viewed our site, their geographical location, what links they click, etc. To read details regarding how these third party services operate, collect information, and use the information they collect, please refer to their documentation.

Use of Personal Information:

We only use your information for correspondence related to our collaboration. Under any circumstances your information will not be sold and is only shared with your consent for business communications to provide service at your request. We may use the statistics collected through the methods described within this document to improve our website's structure, determine the efficacy of our social media campaigns, and investigate email delivery.

If you no longer want to receive correspondence from please send an email to to let us know.

If you have questions or concerns please contact:

Ali Miner (831) 277-0342
Box 6515 - Carmel, CALIFORNIA – USA 93921