Ali’s Book – A Time To Awaken

A Time To Awaken Collected Art & Writings of Ali Miner

Angel of Motherhood

Blessed is each and every child who has come onto this earth...
Blessed is each mother who has given each child birth.
Blessed the work of many years to raise up each little one...
That one day each mother may feel deeply proud.
of her own special daughter or son.

And one day the Angel of Motherhood
Will come to you gently and say...

"Yes, the hours were long, the pay often poor
But yours was a job most well done!
I know, for you see... I was there all the time
Aware of your joy and pain...
I come now to tell you how much you are loved...
That nothing you did was in vain!
You're a light to the world for all that you give And I'll be by your side for as long as you live!"

Exquisitely Designed to Touch the Heart  and Free the Soul

Ali has found a way through her art and writings to transform and empower us.
Her work truly represents a divine creativity awakening us to our higher selves and inner beauty.

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 Selections from A Time To Awaken

 More than 50 Color Reproductions of Original Oil Paintings w/poems or stories, soft cover - 8 1/2x11 -  96 pages.

A Time To Awaken Collected Art & Writings of Ali Miner

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