Isis & Diana


Diana-Queen of Hearts

She will be remembered for her beauty, her shy demeanor, yet strength of character, ready smile, outstretched hand, public persona, fashion savvy, etc.,…yes,… but WHO was she really and WHAT did her short life leave for us to embrace?

Diana of the Hunt, Diana of the Chase; Moon Goddess.

Her life entertained us for years, but I believe the lesson she was here to learn AND teach, was that of values. Therefore, I have painted her adorned with only flowers rather than jewels and finery. She loved flowers and the people always honored her with flowers. She loved the people and here she embraces them as they flow into and from her heart…She holds her precious sons in her hands…those hands and that heart that will guide and protect them from the other side, as the loving mother she always was.

The butterfly upon her shoulder represents transformation; not just from life to death, but for ALL the roles she had to play in this demanding earthly sojourn. We go from day to night, further indicating transition. The Angels hover, reach down, help her over, as she ascends steps of light, transcending her “Island of Repose” in the background.

Her face is framed in a huge white rose; England’s Rose. She looks us straight in the eye, she beams for she knows at last who she is!

Elton John sits at his piano across the water and there upon the piano stands the lone candle, …in the wind…How Perfect!

I cried as I painted her, though Spirit commanded I must, right after her departure, and so I did. I believe she knew why she came to earth, what her gifts and her roles truly were, and for WHAT she would be most lastingly remembered.

NOT for her jewels and finery, riches, royal rompings and paparazzi scandal…NOT for any of that!

She told us who she was in the famous TV interview when asked if she thought she could be the “Queen of People’s Hearts”.

She replied spontaneously… “I don’t think I can; I KNOW I CAN!!!

She will be remembered for the love she shared and the way she cared, as she scooped the little ones, the common folk the disenfranchised, the ill and dying up in her long and loving arms and held them to her heart…

ALL the wealth and trappings assigned her in this life had NOT one thing to do with WHY we grieved her passing, nor did ANY of it keep her FROM passing, but the LOVE she shared from her open and compassionate heart will keep her with us, alive and beaming and forever in our hearts and memories as our “Queen of Hearts”

Ali Miner 1997